Sustainability Vision

We envision to be the leading manufacturer of fashion and lifestyle apparel and accessories in the world through concerted, globally driven but locally sensitive sustainable practices that address the PEOPLE, COMMUNITY & ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES of today for a better tomorrow.

Our philanthropic efforts have been initiated in the 1970s. The Luenthai Sustainability Strategy is launched in 2018 to ensure that our commitment to our people, community and environment remain and are further strengthened in the 21st century.

To learn more about our SUSTAINABILITY STRATEGY for 2018-2022, click here. 

Extraordinary Care  for Luenthai means promoting the empowerment of our people by helping them help themselves. From this grows self-responsibility to take care of the Community, and expands into the larger context of taking care of the environment.

Luenthai cares for its people and believes that their well-being and happiness are the foundation of excellent services and great products.

Luenthai cares for the community because we believe it is our responsibility to do our share to meet the needs of society aside from our own.

Luenthai cares for the environment because we believe that economic prosperity and environmental stewardship can go hand in hand.