The outbreak of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has created a deep impact on the world. Closure of public places and restrictions on movement are shutting the global economy, leaving millions of people struggling to survive.


The fashion industry is not spared from the havoc wreaked by the pandemic, with strict enforcement of quarantines and stringent social distancing measures affecting businesses and consequently putting the livelihoods of employees at risk.


Responding to this concern, Luen Thai has created the XO Food Fund to provide assistance to its most vulnerable workforce. It is a voluntary fund drive that seeks to set aside funds for employees who are unable to meet immediate, essential expenses, after a natural disaster or other unexpected events. Through this initiative, the company hopes to inspire employees to share and help fellow employees who are in need.


The XO Food Fund drive was kicked off in the Philippines where parts of the country have been placed on enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) for over one month. Since the declaration of the ECQ, Luen Thai facilities in the Philippines have been operating on a skeletal workforce arrangement which has caused a big blow to employees who depend on their day-to-day earnings to sustain them. The company has distributed rice, gift checks, and cash to workers most affected by the crisis in Pampanga, Tarlac, Bataan and Cebu.


“Thank you so much Luenthai this is a big help to us, I hope everything is okay so we can go back to work,” [sic] posted an employee, with many others expressing similar sentiments and recognizing the impact of the relief in unprecedent times like this.


Similar relief drives are expected to be rolled out in Luen Thai facilities in other countries where we see a need to support our workers when business continues to deteriorate.


Initial funding to support relief efforts for its employees worldwide have been received from Luen Thai founder Dr. Tan Siu Lin, Shangtex, Chief Executive Officer Raymond Tan, CEO of Luen Thai Accessories Division Tommy Ching, members of the Luen Thai Board of Directors and Luen Thai Management Board, and other business leaders.