The Luen Thai Management Board and key leadership team met recently to discuss the company’s organizational and people management initiatives and updates on the group’s digital transformation efforts.

Following a new meeting format, the Management Board Meeting and the Senior Leaders’ Forum were held on August 7 to 9 at Clark Marriott Hotel in the Philippines. The twin events tackled specific topics such as the Luen Thai Leadership Competency Model, 7 XO Habits, International Graduate Development Program, and digital transformation among others.

As part of a cross-learning session, attendees listened to a talk by Jollibee Foods Corporation Country Business Group Head Joseph C. Tanbuntiong who talked about the importance of people, partnerships, and culture in the company’s growth as an internationally-recognized brand with a foothold in several markets around the globe.

The Luen Thai Leadership Competency Model was officially unveiled during the event. It featured nine core competencies that will serve as standard for leaders of the organization across the group.
The 7 XO Habits, inspired by Stephen Covey’s book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, was also officially launched. This was developed as Luen Thai’s foundation in digitalization transformation and guide for each employee in becoming an effective and true team player.

The International Graduate Development Program was also introduced to complement the ongoing and fast growing talent management program in the company.

A talent profile review was conducted to identify and assess the company’s high potential employees and leaders.

A visit to Tuloy Pampanga was also arranged to further imbibe the spirit of XO CARE for Community. The attendees were treated to a showcase of talents and skills by the XO KIDS in football, dancing, and singing.

Digitalization was a main focus area in the two events. Updates on digital transformation were presented to align business needs and digital platforms in the coming years.

Throughout the three-day event, Luen Thai CEO Raymond Tan, underscored the importance of having the right people and sustainability and digitalization strategies. He challenged everyone to set the right foundation through the XO Habits, to go digital, and to be more sustainable.